Industries Served

Our client base reflects the range of our expertise, and includes:

•Start-ups and potential entrepreneurs

•Individuals, Families and Senior executives

•Medical and Dental Practices

•HealthCare Firms and Pharmacies

•Churches and not- for- Profit organizations

•Mortgage Brokers and Restaurants

•Construction Companies and Real Estate developers

•Media, Technology and Communication firms



Start Ups and Potential Entrepreneur

We provide business advisory services and support to Start-ups and potential entrepreneurs ranging from business plan preparation, to selection of entity structure (e.g. LLC, LLP or Inc) to conducting market analysis and penetration to establishment of business enterprise. We also support such Start-up bookkeeping and accounting needs, Tax and Internal Control Implementation needs.


Church and Not-For-Profit Accounting

Starting or managing a church or a not-for-profit organization can be very rewarding but very complex as well. In addition to providing great services, as organizations, you must also manage your staff, the financial operations, IRS tax filings requirements and keep with changes in your local community.


While churches and not-for-profits organizations are exempt from federal income tax, there are numerous benefits to maintaining good records and accounting procedures in such organizations. At Sharf Pointers Financial Services, we specialize in Church and not-for-profit accounting including helping organizations continue to maintain their status as a not-for-profit with the IRS.


Medical, Dental, Pharmacies and Healthcare Providers

Sharf Pointers Financial Services provides an array of business consulting and accounting services that can assist your healthcare organization or medical practice in a wide range of areas including but not limited to Physician compensation formulas, Overhead analysis – reviewing current costs to identify ways to increase profits, analyze whether you should open or close a satellite office or in-house lab, Monthly or quarterly review of Accounts Receivable reports including general book keeping and tax needs.


We also assist healthcare firms involved in Medicare and Medicaid service delivery with full financial reporting and Cost Report preparation for various States.


Construction, Property and Real Estate Industry

Sharf Pointers Financial Services can increase and help real estate and property development firms, construction companies and contractors optimize their cash flow position and meet their entire general accounting requirements including managing construction and project budgets, construction loans with bankers and payments to sub-contractors.


We also help businesses and contractors understand and analyze any deviations from projected costs and/or revenues including recording real estate sale and preparation of tax filings documentations such as K-1s for investors.


Mortgage Brokers and Restaurant Accounting

Our experienced professionals provides accounting and attestation services to Mortgage Brokers in the area of preparation of annual audit reports for Mortgage Brokers annual license recertification process with HUD, FHA and LASS. We also help our clients understand the liquidity ratio requirements for FHA license recertifications. We also support their tax, payroll and budgetary needs.

For Restaurants, we provide full charge accounting and inventory management needs including recording all transactions.


Media, Technology and Communications Firms

Proper accounting processes and controls ensures reliability of financial statements. At Sharf Pointers Financial Services we provide full financial and business analysis support to firms in Media, Technology and Communication Industries. Our extensive experience in such industries sets us apart.


Small and Midsized Businesses in General

We provide full accounting, bookkeeping, tax, business consulting support to Small and Midsized businesses in general at affordable rates. Our experience professionals are just a phone call away. Let us help you propel your business to the next level.